• What are the conditions to attend to International Welding Engineering / Technologist training?

    The ones that can attend to the International Welding Engineering training:

    - Every kind of engineering discipline graduates and the senior year students in these departments,
    - Technical instructors graduated from metal, metallurgy or mechanics major from technical education faculties or senior year students in these departments.

    The ones that can attend to the International Welding Technologist Training:

    - The technical department graduates of occupational high schools (minimum 2-year).

  • How many times a year do you open computer aided International Welding Engineering / Technologist training?

    Computer aided International Welding Engineering training courses are opened twice a year where the first is in the first quarter of the year and the second is in the last quarter of the year.

    You can follow up the training dates from our web site (www.gsi.com.tr).

  • What are the duties and authorities of an International Welding Engineer / Technologist?

    International Welding Engineer and Technologist are defined as "Welding Supervision Personnel" (or "Welding Coordinator"). The duties, authorities and responsibilities are defined at the international standard EN ISO 14731. The welding engineers/technologists work in fields such as steel and aluminum structure fabrication and assembly; production of railway vehicles; pressurized container / boiler production and assembly; manufacturing and assembly of thermal / hydroelectric / nuclear power plants, refineries and industrial facilities; pipe production and natural gas / oil transmission lines; and automotive. They are commissioned in the design, production/assembly and control phase of welded products. The obligation has been defined for employing which supervision personnel (engineer, technologist) at which enterprise (or project) depending on the conditions set forth by the application standards (e.g., Steel or Aluminum structures, Pressurized Boilers, Railway Applications, etc.).

  • Is the provided training material only a CD?

    No. In addition to the CD-ROM with the award of "the best training material in its field", course notes prepared by GSI SLV and translated into Turkish by METU Welding Technology unit (currently being used in classroom trainings) are also provided in dossiers in hard copy form.

    Moreover, CDs containing useful information to the participants are also provided.

  • Can we use the training CD at another computer?

    According to the installation instructions provided to you together with the CD, you can copy the training CD to multiple computers (CP and laptop). However, the CDs are monitored with a serial number and their partial or complete reproduction for commercial use purposes is not permitted.

  • Can I take a print out from the training CD?

    Yes you can. However, in order to facilitate "self learning", the information at the CDs have been structured very different than normal training notes and contains an intense volume of information covering thousands of pages. It would not be too beneficial for you to obtain a print out of all and work on them. Therefore, we recommend that you print out only the pages that you want to study on.

  • In order to be successful, how many hours a day should we dedicate to studying?

    The recommended duration is allocating at least 2-3 hours a day.

  • Is attendance obligatory to the trainings?

    Yes, 90% attendance is obligatory. Since face-to-face training will be provided 21 days on the average, you can be absent for at most 2 days. The nonattendance by submitting a health report or ticket copies of travels abroad are outside of this scope.

    The classroom trainings and problem solving / repetition classes you will receive from the most distinguished staff of our country and Germany, who are specialized in this field, bears a great significance for your success.

  • With which intervals are the trainings held?

    - 60 hours-long "Applied Training" is held 1-1.5 months after the introductory meeting (training commencement date).
    - The classroom trainings are held for the last two weekends and the last Friday of each 1-month period. Every three weeks, you need to be in Ankara in two consecutive weekends.

    Other than these lessons, additional "problem solving and repetition lessons" for certain topics are planned separately for each training and notified in advance. Attendance to these additional days is not obligatory.

  • How many exams will be made during the training?

    You will have 5 written and 4 verbal* exams during the training term. In addition to these, if you fail, you have 1 (one) compensation right for the written exam of the basic part, and 2 compensation rights (2 written + 2 verbal) for each Major you fail. After the first exam, you need to pass all exams within 3 years.

    - If your written exam grade is 75/100 or above, you may receive the right of not entering the verbal exam.

  • What is the passing grade?

    The passing grade (average of written + verbal) is 60 over 100.

  • If I miss an exam, do I lose my right for that exam?

    If a valid excuse is not notified before the exam date, you lose your right for that exam.

  • How and when can we learn the exam results?

    The exam results are notified to you via e-mail within at most 2 weeks after the exam. The exam grade is notified as personal.

  • Does the diploma contain a note regarding the fact that it is "distant learning / computer aided training"?

    No, the diploma does not indicate the type of training.

    Computer aided training is a valuable and prestigious training that requires significant amount of labor to complete. The diploma you will be receiving shall be the diploma of the International Institute of Welding with an international validity.

  • When can we receive our diploma?

    Provided that you fulfill the following conditions, your diploma is submitted to you within at most 1 month:

    - Successfully completing the training,
    - Having delivered the required documents (ID Card copy, diploma copy, photograph),
    - Having completed the payments,
    - Having delivered the undergraduate diploma copy for the participants that are senior year students at the start of the training.

  • In which countries in the diploma valid?

    The diplomas are valid in 56 countries that are a member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW). This diploma is also recognized in non-member countries.

    The list of the countries where the diploma is valid can be obtained from the following address:


  • How can I pay the training fee?

    For companies: 40% of the training fee has to be transferred to our account during registration and the remaining can be paid within 1 month after the training commences.

    For individuals: 40% of the training fee has to be transferred to our account during registration and the remaining can be paid within 1 week after the training commences, with your credit card at 5 installments*.

    * We can make the credit card division to installments only for Yapı Kredi World Card. For the other cards, only single withdrawal can be made.

    Important Note: Manual payment is not accepted.

    Account Information:

    Yapı Kredi Bank, Çukurambar Branch (Ankara)
    TL Account
    Account No: 83108983
    IBAN: TR02 0006 7010 0000 0083 1089 83

  • Up to which date can we make our payments?

    You can make your initial payment up to 10 days before the training commences (please contact us for special situations).

    You need to complete your remaining payment within at most 1 month after the training commences.