Training and qualification exam according to EN 473/ISO 9712

Content of Training:

The participant that has completed the training shall have basic theoretical and applied knowledge regarding welding and quality provision. In the light of the given knowledge and performed applications, the participant shall be able to understand and effectively utilize his/her knowledge in the following areas:

  • Visual inspection - overall knowledge, EN 970, optics - basic knowledge, light, light sources, color, units used in illumination technique, contract, geometrical optics, reflection, refraction, optical - basic knowledge.
  • Overview of the commonly used welding procedures, (general) concepts for the processes ad working techniques, selection of the welding process, typical welding faults, identification of irregularities at EN ISO 6520-1 fusion welding seams
  • Illumination and examination conditions, basic elements affecting vision, application limits of visual inspection
  • Inspection made with the eye and optical equipment, endoscopic inspection, direct visual inspection - examination conditions, control of joint preparation, visual inspection during welding, visual inspection of completed weld seams, visual inspection of repaired weld seams
  • Metallographic examination, macro section, important of procedural tests, welder tests and welding order plans, fracture tests of welded joints, evaluation of fracture surfaces
  • Standards used for fault evaluation, weld quality levels according to EN ISO 5817, evaluation of aluminum weld seams (EN 10042)
  • Inspection report and inspection instructions for the recording of visual inspection results

Training Duration: 5 days (40 hours), Exam 1 day

Place of Training: ANKARA