1. Responsibilities of the Company
    • No superior can request an action to be performed to violate the rules, principles herein, laws and regulations.
    • The company managers are responsible from ensuring the conformity of the behaviors of the employees and whether they comply with the company policy and targets or not.
    • Each manager is responsible from informing his/her employees regarding legal and moral behaviors.
    • The company is responsible from informing the parties regarding the legal rights of the clients and the service assurance.
  2. Responsibilities of the Employees
    • Whatever the duty, title or location, all the employees are obliged to abide by the rules and working principles herein.
  3. Customer Relations and Customer Rights
    • It is fundamental to treat the customers in an indiscriminating, fair and honest manner.
    • Incorrect or misleading information cannot be provided by company employees regarding the services provided.
    • During service sales and purchases, price, service quality and the performance of every kind of action related to these processes, reliability and impartiality is of essence.
    • The Company;
      has an independent and impartial system and policy to ensure the evaluation and settlement of every kind of compliant and objection to be received from applicants, candidates, certified persons or institutions and other parties during the certification process.
    • The customer has the right to request for changes of title, address, etc. changes on the certificate.
    • The applicants, candidates, certified persons or institutions have the right to be informed regarding the certification process.
  4. Accuracy of Company Records
    • The company declares that all the technical, managerial and financial records prepared as a result of the realized business activities are kept correctly and accurately, and open to audit when necessary.
    • It will not be permitted to provide false or misleading information.
    • No operation shall be performed that intently falsifies or modifies company records.
  5. Conflict of Interests
    • Different types of certification activities shall be conducted separately. Applications shall not be permitted that might provide reciprocal interests among these activities.
    • It will not be permitted for the company employees to be in a relationship with the clients during the certification process in a manner that might damage impartiality (ownership relationships, self-interest relationships or blood relations).
    • During the working hours, the company employees cannot perform activities such as conduct their personal businesses, conduct non-work-related activities in order to gain personal benefits, work for another company or person or provide them consultancy, or transfer knowledge to outside the company.
  6. Worker Health, Work Safety
    • The company has the responsibility to preserve a healthy working environment for all the employees, supervise safe working rules and applications and prevent accidents via using the given personal protective equipment.
    • In company sites visited for certification or service purposes, the company personnel is obliged to completely obey the work health and safety system implemented by the visited firm and use the given personal protective equipment.
  7. Service Quality and Safety
    • The company follows the related codes, standards and regulations to keep the company service quality at the highest possible level.
    • The company selects and commissions its employees among qualified and suitable persons to preserve service quality.
    • The company works in collaboration with the industry, universities and the public.
  8. Compliance with the Laws and Regulations
    • The company provides service according to all the laws, regulations and legal requirements related to certification and services.
  9. Protection of Confidentiality
    • Other than the confidential information disclosed by the company and taking necessary permissions, the protection of all the information and documents is under the responsibility of all the GSI SLV TR employees.
    • All the information requests regarding the company received from the client, firms or official authorities are transferred to the personnel of the company authorized on that topic.
  10. Independency and Impartiality
    • The company serves all the parties indiscriminately during its service and certification studies.
    • The company takes all the precautions to ensure that independency and impartiality principle is not threatened, evaluates and finalizes the suggestions received from all the authorized parties in this regard.